Our Management Philosophy

Our goal is to always make customers happy through communication.
Communication is introducing but not teaching.
Once introduced, not only employers but also employees can share their thoughts.
We, Alfaten are making every effort to make customers happy through communication and suggest better tools of communication.

Code of Conducts

1. Enjoy challenges

We design "what companies have to tell their employees" and make better communication.
We take an initiative in stepping forward and will not run away from difficult problems. As people who enjoy challenges, we always face people, organizations, and society.

2. Be the 1st to step forward

We always try to make a better future by breakthrough. We know that a big current starts from a single action. Having guts, we take the 1st step forward.

3. Influence the surroundings

We think outside the box and derive every solution from our hearts and heads. Be with a sense of fairness. Always hold a consistency and put what we say into practice. Forgive any men, Make people relax and happy. Respect everyone. Make room for personal growth. Be a person of high caliber and influence the surroundings surroundings.

4. Do it seriously

We deal with things seriously. The knowledge will develop by being serious. When there is seriousness, there is more focus.

5. Keep promises

We will take pride in keeping our promises. The first step in gaining trust will start with keeping our promises.

6. Listen

1. Whatever talk it is, we will not think of it as pointless, but we will listen to it with the utmost seriousness.
2. Ask and extract various words and thoughts.
3. Try communicating and listening to your customers real voice.

7. Consideration

Make our efforts to love ourselves and be loved by everyone. Always care for others.





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