Why not make Employee Handbooks for your employees!?

In Japan, the company need to draw up work rules if there are more than 10 employees and submit them to the Local Labor Standard Inspection Office. Work rules can be company's great communication tool if the company use them effectively.
Work rules become one tool of communication as they are introduced naturally to employees. Therefore, they are not only rules, but they are also possibly an idea or expectation stemming from the company's president's vision that started with the establishment of the company.
Our Original Service Menu, "Employee Handbooks" introduced through comics and illustrations is the solution for companies which want their employees to deeply understand their company. There is no other company that provides such a specialized service with following the Japanese labor laws.

Each company has different visions and policies. We make "one-of-a-kind" work rules/Employee Handbooks, which meet your requirements and style.






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